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Academic probation csun

For more information, see University Catalog — Policies. Academic standing determines a student's eligibility to enroll in the University through the regular enrollment process.

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Students can be in good academic standing, on probation, or in disqualified status. Students on probation are eligible to enroll in CSUN classes through the regular enrollment process with restrictions. Students who are disqualified or under disciplinary suspension are not considered in good standing and therefore are not routinely eligible to enroll.

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Students remain on probation until they either regain good standing or they are placed on disqualified status. Please see Second Baccalaureate Disqualification below. Students on probation are eligible to enroll in CSUN classes through the regular enrollment process with these restrictions. Undergraduate students who were on probation the previous semester are placed on disqualified status if, at the end of the next semester, either their cumulative total GPA or CSUN GPA falls below the GPA listed for each class level below:.

Any student whose cumulative GPA falls below 1.

Policies and Procedures

This policy will not apply to first-time freshmen whose cumulative GPA falls below 1. Thereafter, students are subject to this policy. Students in disqualified status are not eligible to enroll in the University through the regular enrollment process.

academic probation csun

Only a total of 24 units of course credit taken through the Tseng College in any term, session or semester can be counted toward a CSUN undergraduate degree. Students are strongly urged to meet with their CSUN academic advisor to discuss the requirements that must be completed in order to be readmitted. When all requirements have been met, students may apply to the University for readmission. These documents must be filed in the Office of Admissions and Records by the published deadline before campus review can begin.

Students in this status, whether they have one or two disqualifications, must fulfill all of the following requirements until they reach good standing:. Students who are readmitted under Academic Performance Agreement but who fail to maintain continuous enrollment in classes each fall and spring semester, or who fail to achieve a 2.

They must then reapply and be readmitted to the University as a previously disqualified student in order to be eligible to enroll in classes through the regular enrollment process. Academic disqualification is a permanent notation in a student's academic record and has serious consequences that can impact attainment of a baccalaureate degree. The consequences of academic disqualification depend on whether it is the first, second or third disqualification that the student receives.

There is no probation before disqualification. They will need to apply for readmission as a previously disqualified student by posted deadlines. In order to gain readmission, students will be expected to demonstrate ability to succeed in university-level classes in the second baccalaureate field.

For admission deadlines, see the Admission Calendar. Second Disqualification: Second baccalaureate students who receive a second disqualification are not eligible to seek readmission to the University for a minimum of 5 years after the final day of the semester during which they received the second disqualification. Second baccalaureate students who have been disqualified two times may not retake classes or finish an Incomplete contract for the purpose of raising grades to avoid a second disqualification.

Read more about reinstatement to the University in the full policy at Second Baccalaureate Disqualification. Credential students must maintain a 2. Graduate students admitted conditionally or classified into a degree program must maintain a 3.

Students are placed on probation at the end of any semester in which their GPA falls below the respective maintenance level.This can be done by:. The rules cited above are specifically those of CSUN; the rules of other universities may be quite different.

This is of particular importance to students who expect to seek admission to graduate and professional programs—medical schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools, and the like—because admission committees at such institutions commonly calculate GPAs using ALL grades earned, both original and repeat.

A disqualified student may not enroll in classes. Disqualification occurs when a student's GPA falls below a critical level that varies depending on the number of units the student has completed. A student on academic probation is subject to disqualification when his or her GPA in all units attempted or in all units attempted at the campus where enrolled falls below:.

College of Science and Math Biology. Skip to Content. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Portal Webmail Directory Canvas. Advisement: Probation. What is academic probation?

Policies and Procedures

How does one get off probation? But see below; there are limits. A maximum of 16 units at CSUN may be repeated for grade forgiveness only the newer, and presumably higher, grade is used in calculating a GPA.

Only courses with grades of C- or lower may be repeated. Normally, only one repeat per course is permitted for grade forgiveness. Students attempting to enroll in the same course a third time must have the approval of the Department Chair and the Associate Dean of the college offering the course; without it a student will face an administrative withdrawal from the course by the end of third week.

When a course is repeated for grade forgiveness, subsequent enrollment must be on the same grading basis as the first. The higher of the two grades is used in calculating the student's GPAs, but both grades remain on the student's permanent record transcript. Do all universities follow these rules? What is academic disqualification? A student on academic probation is subject to disqualification when his or her GPA in all units attempted or in all units attempted at the campus where enrolled falls below: 1.

California State University.Click to read more stories of students who experience Academic Probation. We have included an online GPA calculator. Log in to MyCI for personalized results. This will help you determine or estimate your GPA. Common uses of the GPA Calculator are:. Click here for FAQs specific to the academic probation process.

Skip to Content Accessible Browsing Information. Search Campus Go. Home Academic Advising. What is Academic Probation? Learning Community Students are added to the Academic Probation Learning Community within CI learn, which includes a learning module created to assist students in understanding academic policies related to academic probation, as well as tools to help them have a more successful semester. You will find the module in the "Modules" link.

Students will be emailed the survey link to their MyCI email address, and it must be completed prior to meeting with an Academic Advisor. The action plan is designed to help you create goals and action items you can commit to do during the semester to help you improve academically.Jump to Content Jump to Resources. Academic Appeals When unusual circumstances occur, students can submit a petition to the Academic Appeals Committee in order to request an exception to academic policies.

Information below gives you more information on both understanding academic standing and the academic appeals process. To be in good academic standing, undergraduate students are expected to maintain at least a 2.

To be in good academic standing, graduate students are expected to maintain at least a 3. Academic Probation is a serious warning that a student's academic performance is below the minimum requirement for good academic standing and for graduation.

academic probation csun

Strategies for Academic Success Undergraduate students on academic probation are strongly encouraged to attend the Strategies for Academic Success program. For more information or to sign up for a workshop, please contact the University Center for Undergraduate Advising. Undergraduate students on academic probation are subject to academic disqualification when:.

Graduate and post-baccalaureate students are subject to disqualification if while on probation they fail to earn grades of sufficient quality to remove themselves from probationary status. Please note the deadline to submit an Appeal of Disqualification is within days of being notified of disqualification. The appeal should include:.

Additional information about the Appeal of Disqualification can be found at the University Center for Undergraduate Advising. An approved Appeal of Disqualification will result in one additional term of probation. Students who are disqualified may return to the University if they are approved for reinstatement.

Students may apply for reinstatement once they have been out of attendance for at least one Fall or Spring term, have demonstrated an ability to succeed academically and have met the following minimum criteria:.

Meeting minimum criteria does not guarantee Reinstatement. Students who are disqualified are strongly encouraged to attend a Reinstatement Workshop offered by the University Center for Undergraduate Advising.

Grades earned at another accredited college or university will not reduce your CSULB grade point deficiency but they will serve as indicators of academic ability and count towards your Overall GPA.

Students who are disqualified have the following enrollment limitations through the College of Continuing and Professional Education:. However, any grade earned in the second attempt will be used as an indicator of academic ability and will factor into your Overall GPA. Please also review the limits on repeating classes. Students will be notified in writing once a decision has been made.

Appeals of Disqualification and Reinstatement are also functions of the Academic Appeals Committee, however separate appeal procedures are followed. Please see the University Catalog for grade appeal procedures and your advisor for all requests for exceptions to major and minor requirements. Student Records. What are the Requirements for Good Standing? The appeal should include: Evidence of significant academic progress Documentation of extenuating circumstances that led to weak academic performance Tangible changes which will be made to lead to future academic success Any participation in intervention programs offered through the University Center for Undergraduate Advising should also be included in the appeal Additional information about the Appeal of Disqualification can be found at the University Center for Undergraduate Advising.

Students may apply for reinstatement once they have been out of attendance for at least one Fall or Spring term, have demonstrated an ability to succeed academically and have met the following minimum criteria: Demonstrate degree progress by satisfying all Major Specific Declaration Requirementsincluding minimum GPA Reduce the grade point deficiency at the time of disqualification by at least one-half.

Students who are disqualified have the following enrollment limitations through the College of Continuing and Professional Education: Fall and Spring terms: two courses, no more than seven total units Summer Session: two courses, no more than seven total units Winter Session: four units Note: 24 College of Continuing and Professional Education units may count towards a CSULB degree.The links to your left will take you to various sections of the catalog, and the Catalog Search feature can help you find what you are looking for.

If you have suggestions on how we could improve the catalog, please e-mail your ideas to the catalog editor at catalog csum.

academic probation csun

To prepare its students to pass licensing examinations, Cal Maritime modifies its curriculum to include the most recent changes in U. Coast Guard requirements. Changes may also come in the form of statutes enacted by the Legislature, rules and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of the California State University, by the Chancellor or designee of the California State University, or by the President or designee of Cal Maritime.

Furthermore, it is not possible in a publication of this size to include all of the rules, policies and other information that pertain to students, the institution, and the California State University.

More current or complete information may be obtained from the Cal Maritime website, and the appropriate department, school, or administrative office. Nothing in this catalog shall be construed as, operate as, or have the effect of an abridgement or a limitation of any rights, powers, or privileges of the Board of Trustees of the California State University, the Chancellor of the California State University, or the President of Cal Maritime.

The Trustees, the Chancellor, and the President are authorized by law to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and policies that apply to students. This catalog does not constitute a contract, or the terms and conditions of a contract, between the student and Cal Maritime or the California State University. The relationship of the students to Cal Maritime and the California State University is one governed by statute, rules, and policy adopted by the Legislature, the Trustees, the Chancellor, the Presidents and their duly authorized designees.

Message from the President. Academic Calendar. University at a Glance. Undergraduate Admission Requirements. Fee Policy. Financial Aid. Academic Regulations and Policies. Baccalaureate Degrees, Programs and Requirements. Academic Departments and Programs. Undergraduate Course Descriptions. The Graduate Program.

Marine Programs. Student Affairs. Military Opportunities. Veteran Services. Police Services. The California State University.

University Administration.Read more.

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Managing your degree progress is similar to fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. Your class level is determined by the total number of units you have earned. Your placement in lower division level and upper division level courses are based on your class level.

The following is a breakdown:. In addition, students must have at least a 2.

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Students must meet the standards set for second major declaration as explained on the Major and Minor Policy, approved on May 25, In addition, students must have a 3. Accountancy, Finance, and Insurance and Financial Services are impacted majors which means students must meet higher standards in order to declare a major in these areas.

Accountancy requires a minimum 3. Students will typically start out as Pre-Accountancy, Pre-Finance, or Pre-Insurance and Financial Services major until they meet the requirements for admission into the impacted major.

Students on probation are eligible to enroll in the University through the regular enrollment process but will have a registration hold. Admissions and Records will notify students of their Probation status at the end of each Fall and Spring semester.

Students will have a registration hold during the semester immediately following placement on probation and each fall and spring semester thereafter while on probation.

Prior to the advisement appointment, please complete the Student Success Self Assessment form found here. The registration hold will be removed once the student has been advised. In order to declare a major in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, students must have at least a 2.

Planner sheets and four-year degree plans are available for major exploration and course selection. Upon successful completion of there two online workshops, please call to schedule an advisement appointment.

Any student whose total GPA is below a 1. Previously disqualified students must successfully complete the online disqualification workshop in order to schedule an advisement appointment. The following are general guidelines used to make readmission recommendations:. Show consistent academic success since the last disqualification.

Enrollment Requirements

Must achieve significant GPA improvement no later than previous spring for a fall admission cycle. If you were disqualified after completion of your lower division business core, complete your upper division business core requirements for your chosen major. All supporting documents such as the Previously Disqualified Questionnaire form must be submitted by established deadlines.

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics and University approval for readmission after disqualification is required. Not all students will be readmitted. Impacted majors such as Accountancy, Finance, and Insurance and Financial Services are not available for readmission consideration. For enrollment information visit the Tseng College website. Students may complete lower division coursework at a community college.

Please seek advisement with a community college counselor and inquire about General Education Certification. See www. Students will follow the catalog year for the major requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Not all majors available at readmission. Some majors have impaction or other restrictions. Students who are disqualified for a third time may reapply to the University after a minimum waiting period of five years.

Students must provide evidence that demonstrates acquired skills or achievements that support a successful return to the University.All students who register at California State University, San Bernardino in resident study must first be admitted to the university by the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. No student may attend classes unless officially registered and appropriate fees have been paid.

Students are required to make all payments on the regularly announced days.

academic probation csun

Students are granted credit only for those courses in which they are formally registered and are responsible for completing all courses under their name on the schedule confirmation list, except those courses they officially change through My Coyote Self Service.

Orientation is CSUSB's new student orientation program that is required for all newly admitted undergraduate students to attend. It is much more than simply choosing classes or taking a campus tour.

It is an opportunity to meet other new students, review academic choices with academic advisors, learn how to be a successful student, and learn what it means to be a CSUSB Coyote. New Student Orientation provides students with key resources and tools to help ease the transition into the CSUSB community as students bond with other new students, fellow upper classmen, and Orientation Leaders.

Through workshops, discussions, guest speakers and special events, this experience will prepare students for life as a Coyote. Students must take responsibility for the decisions which affect their academic progress. Faculty, staff and peer advisors at the university are available to assist students by providing academic advisement during their office hours or by appointment.

Students have the opportunity to meet with a faculty, professional, or peer advisor each term for help in planning their academic programs and schedules of classes. To make contact with an advisor, use Who is My Advisor or call the appropriate department office as listed in the Class Schedule. Students who have not yet declared a major should contact the office of Advising and Academic Services for an appointment.

All students should confer with an advisor on a regular basis. Undergraduate students who are placed on academic probation must confer with an academic advisor in the office of Advising and Academic Services prior to registration and must adhere to the advisor's specific recommendations which are designed to improve the student's grade point average and overall success at CSUSB.

Students planning to finish their undergraduate degree requirements in four years by attending three quarters each academic year must complete a minimum of 15 degree applicable units per quarter. To be considered full-time for veterans benefits and financial aid purposes, an undergraduate student must enroll in a minimum of 12 units. Students may register for up to 17 quarter units per term seniors may register for up to A student may register for more than 17 units Normally, petitions are approved only if both the grade point average for the previous term and the overall grade point average are 3.

Additional units may be added once "Late Registration" begins, if classes remain open and the overload is approved. During summer, only 17 max units are allowed for the term. College-level skills in written communication compositionmathematics quantitative reasoningoral communication, and critical thinking are fundamental for success at the university. For placement in MATH, andan additional evaluation is required.

Students should complete the first-year composition and mathematics courses during the first year of enrollment unless granted an exception.

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The academic year begins July 1 and ends June Contact the office of Advising and Academic Services for special circumstances at or To provide consistent guidance to prospective CSU students and secondary schools, the following standards shall be applicable at each CSU campus. For students demonstrating indicators near the placement thresholds, campuses may make exceptions to this placement guidance, based on information regarding the academic progression of students.

These exceptions may include outcomes of directed self-placement exercises. Based on new multiple measures, student needs additional academic support. Some students choose to accelerate progress toward completion of their objectives through a program of independent study and registration for additional course credits.

CSUN School Week - First Week of School (tips and advice)

In addition, credit-by-examination procedures permit students to demonstrate their mastery of the content of local courses, as described below, or courses offered through the Advanced Placement Program, International Baccalaureate Program, or the subjects tested by the College Level Examination Programs.

Students wishing to enroll for additional course work during the academic year should follow the procedures described in the section on academic course load, above.

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Any student admitted to this campus may earn degree credit for no more than three comprehensive examination courses regardless of the total units earned in those courses. This maximum is to be counted separately from all other out-of-class curriculum options for example, credit by examination.

The student's major discipline may further restrict the number of comprehensive examination credits acceptable toward the major. In cases where the subject matter of a comprehensive examination course duplicates that of a course taken previously, the university's Repeat of Course policy will apply.


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